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Billing updates

Important billing updates effective Jan. 1, 2020

Nov. 8, 2019 — As a result of changes required by new state regulations, we are required to make some important billing updates.

Highest member-rated health plan, five years in a row

Highest member-rated health plan, five years in a row

Oct. 16, 2019 — Sharp Health Plan continues to be recognized for our high-quality care and service. We’re the highest member-rated health plan in California for the fifth year in a row, and one of the nation’s highest-rated health plans.

suicide prevention

Preventing suicide is everyone’s job

September 2019
Suicide is a leading cause of death in the United States. You can promote employee health and well-being by supporting at-risk employees and having plans in place to respond to people showing warning signs. Find out what else can be done to prevent suicide.

National Immunization Awareness Month

You may not realize you need vaccines throughout your adult life

August 2019 — Most people have received the vaccines they needed as a child. But, the protection from some vaccines can wear off through adulthood. Here are three important reasons for your employees to get vaccinated.

World Hepatitis Day is July 28

Hepatitis often shows no symptoms

July 2019 — Millions of Americans live with a disease that can endanger their lives, yet most don’t even know they have it. In observance of World Hepatitis Day, we encourage your employees to get educated, and help stop this silent killer.

hombre bebiendo agua después de hacer ejercicios

5 cambios saludables que pueden salvar su vida

June 2019 — Men are more likely to die from preventable causes, yet over 18% of men in the U.S. haven’t had a health care visit within the past year. This Men’s Health Month, we encourage your employees to take charge of their health.

7 rasgos que pueden aumentar el riesgo de cáncer de piel

7 rasgos que pueden aumentar el riesgo de cáncer de piel

May 2019 — Certain personal traits, like hair color, increase your risk for skin cancer. This Melanoma and Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month, make sure your employees know what puts them at risk.